Do Not Startup

  • Date: 22 May-2024
  • Timing: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM IST
  • Location: Online
  • Speaker: 1 Professional Speaker
  • Registration fee: FREE
  • Days: 1 Day
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About This Session

Do not Startup is an attempt by Ms. Srishti Sharma, a serial entrepreneur who is also a 5 timed TEDx speaker and has won multiple scholarships in the field of business and leadership. She is also recognized as Asia’s most innovative women entrepreneur. It’s an Ed-tech online course that focuses on the practical execution of a startup idea into a business.

‘ I think it’s high time for young India to know what they are signing up for before starting up. I attempt to present nothing but the reality of entrepreneurship and then leave it to people to decide if they would want to pursue the same or not ‘ – says Srishti Sharma on her vision behind the course.

Do not Startup is an eye opener on the reality of entrepreneurship which is a combination of practical execution to some of the most common doubts people have while starting up and her own experiences.

‘I soon realized that even if I interact with one college per day, it will take 20 years or more to share the lesser talked about side of entrepreneurship- says Ms. Srishti .’

Do not Startup is an attempt that has been built to show the reality, myths, taboos, and execution in the journey of entrepreneurship.


  • Do not Startup is an eye opener on the reality of entrepreneurship
Srishti Sharma

Srishti Sharma is a serial entrepreneur, social activist and a public speaker based out of India