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Last Updated : 16-07-2023

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Why to choose Data Structutre and Algorithm?

DSA can help to write efficient programs, solve complex problems, advance career opportunities, transfer knowledge to different contexts, and provide a competitive edge over other developers. Therefore, learning and using DSA is recommended for software developers who want to improve their skills and career prospects.

Certficate that adds value

Industry recognized certificate This will not only boost your Resume but also helps you get a good job.

Contents you will be taught

Upgrade Your Skills 45 Days

  • Classification of Data Structure
  • Algorithms and Asymptotic Notation
  • More about Asymptotic Notation

  • Introduction to Heap and Stack Memory
  • Introduction to Function and Looping Statement
  • Introduction to Recursion
  • Tower of Hanoi Problem
  • Arrays, Pointers, and Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • More about Arrays and their Declaration

  • Insertion and Deletion in an Array
  • Linear Search in an Array
  • Binary search in an Array
  • Student Challenge Part 1
  • Introduction to Sorting
  • Bubble Sort
  • Insertion Sort
  • Selection Sort
  • Quick Sort
  • Count Sort

  • Introduction to the Stack Data Structure
  • Parenthesis Balancing Using Stacl
  • Introduction to Postfix, Infix, and Prefix Expression
  • Introduction to Circular Queue
  • Student Challenge Part 3
  • Student Challenge Part 4

  • Why do We need a Linked list
  • Inserting an node in start in a linked list
  • Inserting an node in the last of linked list
  • Inserting a node at the random position of the linked list
  • Introduction to doubly linked list
  • Inserting node at the last of the Doubly Linked list
  • Inserting node at the random position of the Doubly Linked list
  • Introduction to Circular linked list
  • Reversing a Singly Linked List
  • Concatenating two linked list

  • Introduction to Trees
  • Introduction to Binary Trees
  • Introduction to Binary Search Tree
  • Searching in Binary Search Tree
  • Check if the tree is Binary Search Tree or Not
  • Finding height of the Binary Tree
  • Level Order Traversal in a Binary Search Tree
  • Pre,Post,In Order Traversal in a Binary Search Tree
  • AVL tree Introduction and Insertion
  • Introduction to Graph
  • Implementation of Graph
  • Traversal in Graph
  • DFS in Graph
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