Python Programming

Python Programming
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Last Updated : 16-07-2023

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Why to learn Python?

Love Python? Not the snake, but the language used to code the snake game!

Learn Python to land a high-paying job. Take advantage of the growing

demand for Python programmers and other technologies such as

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, web development, data science, and more.

Certficate that adds value

Industry recognized certificate This will not only boost your Resume but also helps you get a good job.

Contents you will be taught

Upgrade Your Skills 45 Days

  • Code Editor Setup
  • Syntax in Python
  • Variable in Python
  • Datatype in Python
  • Conditional Statement in Python

  • Looping Statement in Python
  • Function in Python
  • List in Python
  • Tuples, Set and Dictionary in Python

  • Class and Objects
  • Inheritance in OOPS
  • Encapsulation in Python
  • Polymorphism in Python

  • Exception handling in Python
  • File handling in Python
  • String formatting in Python

  • Numpy in Python
  • Pandas in Python
  • Matplotlib in Python

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