Drone Technology

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Last Updated : 16-07-2023

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Why to choose Drone technology?

Drones offer versatility, efficiency, safety, data collection, and environmental benefits. They are cost-effective, cover large areas quickly, reduce human intervention in hazardous situations, and gather valuable data. They have a smaller carbon footprint and hold potential for innovation. Compliance with safety and privacy regulations is crucial.

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Contents you will be taught

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  • Introduction to Drones
  • Components of Drones
  • Types of Drones

  • Drone Aerodynamics and Flight Principles
  • Basic Flight controls of Drone

  • Frames in Drones
  • Motors in Drones
  • Propellers in Drones
  • Batteries in Drones
  • Controllers in Drones

  • Drone Software and Control Systems
  • Ground Control Station(GCS)

  • Drone Operations and Safety
  • Safety Measures and Protocols

  • Mapping Operations
  • Search Operation and Rescue
  • Agricultural Applications of Drones

  • Emerging Technology in Drones
  • AI with Drones

  • Drone Practical Part 1
  • Drone Practical Part 2
  • Drone Practical Part 3
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