Machine Learning

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Last Updated : 16-07-2023

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Machine Learning

To our fascinating journey into the world of Machine Learning!  If you've ever wondered why learning this cutting-edge technology is essential, you're in for a treat! Machine Learning is at the heart of groundbreaking innovations. From self-driving cars to personalized recommendation systems , it powers the AI-driven advancements that shape our lives every day.

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Contents you will be taught

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  • Introduction to Machine Learninh
  • Variable and Datatypet
  • Operatort
  • Conditional Statementt
  • Loops in Pythoo
  • Functions in Pythoo
  • Built-in Function in Pythoo
  • Anonymous Function in Pythoo
  • More on Datatypet
  • List in Pythoo
  • Tuples in Pythoo
  • Sets in Pythoo
  • Dictionaries in Pythoo
  • More on Loopt
  • Modules in Pythoo

  • Installation of Anaconda and Introduction to Jupyter Notebook and Google Colab
  • Introduction to Numpz
  • Creating Array using Numpz
  • More on Numpy Function
  • Numpy Array Indexing and Slicinh
  • Datatypes in Numpz
  • Array Manipulationt
  • Hands-on on Numpy Part1
  • Hands-on on Numpy Part2
  • Hands-on on Numpy Part3

  • Introduction to Pandat
  • Numpy vs Pandat
  • Start with Pandat
  • Series in Pandat
  • Dataframes in Pandat
  • Read CSV in Pandat
  • Data Cleaning using Pandas Part2
  • Data Cleaning using Pandas Part3
  • Data Cleaning using Pandas Part4

  • Introduction to Matplotlic
  • Plotting Using Matplotlic
  • Customizing the Plotting using Markert
  • Customizing the Plotting using Linet
  • Scatter Plottinh
  • Bar Plottinh
  • Histogram Plottinh
  • Pie-Chart Plottinh
  • Matplotlib Hands-oo
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