Java Programming

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Last Updated : 16-07-2023

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Why to choose Java Programming?

Are you planning to make yourself ready for placements and grab your dream job? Here is the solution to all your problems. This certification will help you understand the concepts of the concepts in a much more detailed manner. 

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Certficate that adds value

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Contents you will be taught

Upgrade Your Skills 45 Days

  • Introduction To Java
  • Code Editor Setup
  • Variables and Data Type
  • Strings, Comments and Reading Inputs In Java

  • Introduction to Operators and Control Flow Statement
  • Introduction to Switch Case
  • Introduction to Looping Statementt
  • Introduction to Do-While Loop, Break and Continue Keyword
  • Practice Questions

  • Introduction to Function In Java
  • Function in Java Part 2
  • Method Overloading

  • Introduction to String
  • Getting Started with String
  • String Methods and Reversing a String in Java
  • Stringbuilder class, Palindrome In Java

  • Introduction to Arrays In Java
  • Getting Started with Array
  • Linear Search Algorithm
  • Getting Started with 2-D Array
  • Sum Of Matrices

  • Introduction to OOPs
  • Classes and Object
  • This Keyword, Tostring Method In Java
  • Practice Questions In OOPs

  • Wrapper Class In Java
  • Autoboxing and Unboxing
  • Math Module Introduction

  • Music Player In Java
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